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Diamond Hardness

Did you know that diamond is the hardest substance known to man, and is 10 times harder than the second hardest substance created in nature corundum, more commonly known as Sapphire and Ruby.

The word diamond originates from the Greek word adamus meaning unconquerable and through a French translation we get the word adamant and curiously enough the word dame.

A lot of people think that diamonds cannot be damaged. Unfortunately this is not the case. Regrettably today, I am seeing more and more rings where the designers are either unaware of just how easy it is to damage a polished stone or just choose to ignore the fact when designing settings that do not protect the stones properly.

Diamonds have a grain like wood, and just like wood is tougher across the grain where you need to use a saw to cut but is easily split down the grain with a blunt instrument as wood with an axe or chisel.

When designing I take these things in to consideration so that your diamonds will not just look dazzling but will be safe.

So for quality that outshines the rest:

I’m adamant you’ll not find finer than at Alan P. Fulton, Artisan Goldsmith and Designer