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“Disappointment & Despair Into Delight”

Helping Turn Around Karen's Insurance Woes

The Disappointment

Karen’s Original 

Karen initially contacted me by phone asking if I could assist her in any way with her plight.
She explained a diamond had fallen out and was lost from the centre cluster of her triple diamond cluster ring mounted in platinum. Each cluster had four princess cut diamonds invisibly set.

The Despair

Karen went on to explain that she had been into the store where purchased to be told once a diamond comes out from this style of ring it cannot be repaired. Due to this issue the retail chain had ceased stocking invisibly set princess cut diamond rings and to this end nothing could be done with her ring.
Having then contacted her insurance company the claim was referred to their preferred claims assessing and replacement company in the south of England. They confirmed that the ring could not be repaired and informed Karen they were offering a specified settlement for the full replacement of the ring. This, she said, she was contesting and with no success, asked if I could help.
Having viewed the ring and armed with the details of the diamonds, weight, colour and clarity and the width and style of the platinum shank, I proceeded to type up an estimate for Karen to submit to the claims assessing company. Within the wording of the estimate I reinforced the issues that I had encountered over the years with this style of ring and to resolve the claim to the claimant’s satisfaction a new ring would require to be handmade.
Due to my vast experience and knowledge regarding how stones should be securely set into rings I was able to word the estimate in such a way the claims assessing company could not argue with what was required and subsequently my estimate.
I secured £1,285.00 more for Karen than that of the settlement figure she had been originally offered.
As Karen was getting a full replacement, her original ring, which had great sentimental value to her, was now the property of the insurance company. Having discussed this with the insurance company Karen was informed that she could buy the original back to allow her to use within the replacement ring if desired, and was quoted a figure which she was happy to repay.
Having agreed the final settlement Karen informed me she would be willing to add to this to get the ring she desired. I was requested to create a couple of designs, one in a similar style to her original and a second, that to her, would be a bit of a wow!
This I did and her preference was the ‘wow’ design.
The remaining eleven diamonds from her engagement ring were incorporated along with one I supplied to match. The shank too, from her original ring was used, as she had requested, keeping as much of the original sentiment as possible.

Karen’s Finished Ring By Alan P Fulton

Karen’s Finished Ring By Alan P Fulton

Karen’s Finished Ring By Alan P Fulton

Karen’s Delight

Her delight in seeing the finished ring was obvious and my job satisfaction I thought was complete. But no, within a week I had received this thank you card she had created:

Karen’s ‘Thank You’ Card

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