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Angel Jewellery

About Our Angel Jewellery

The items on this page have been created wholly, or partly, from items of clients’ jewellery acquired by them after a loved ones passing. With immense sentimentality or meaningful attachment to the items, retaining or preserving this emotional connection is extremely important. To this end Alan approaches each commission with great sensitivity and compassion.

Preservation of the emotional connection is achieved by not melting down metals as, for metallurgical reasons, this dilutes the sentimentality, but, by either using the materials in their present forms or changing their form only by hammering, rolling, or drawing down into wire.

With diamonds and other precious and semi-precious stones there are no such considerations.

Some commission design requests are driven by significant events or memories and Alan endeavours to capture exactly the clients design wishes and requirements in the finished item. The designs therefore can be very diverse.

A selection of previous creations is shown on this page as an example.

If you require any further information or wish to make an appointment please phone us on 01355 302960 or by email through the Contact page.

Some Examples