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“Fallen Out Of Love”

Revamping a ring the Client had ‘fallen out of love' with.

The Initial Chat

Angela contacted me asking if I would be able to remodel a ring she had purchased in the USA a number of years previously as she had fallen out of love with it. Describing over the phone she explained it had a central emerald cut emerald flanked on either side with a half-moon shaped diamond and with round brilliant cut diamonds set down the shoulders.
The original mount with the emerald and half moon diamonds removed.

The original mount with the emerald and half moon diamonds removed.

Angela continued to explain she had seen a photo of a ring with 2 emerald cut diamonds in a cross-over style and wondered if I could create something similar by supplying an emerald cut diamond.

The Consultation

We made a consultation appointment when we were able to discuss in greater detail. Angela had a photo of the cross-over ring with the 2 emerald cut diamonds on her phone. Having seen this I confirmed that I could create something similar with her emerald, 2 half moon diamonds and with me supplying an appropriate emerald cut diamond.
I also pointed out that the example ring had a gap between the 2 emerald cut diamonds which wasn’t particularly attractive and that I would be aiming to set the 2 emerald cut stones far closer together.
We then discussed the size of diamond Angela was looking to have me supply. Initially she thought one of similar dimensions to that of her emerald. I had an emerald cut diamond in stock which was a little smaller in dimensions to the emerald.
Using this as a guide I asked Angela if she wanted the emerald to be the focal point of the ring, which she did. I explained that by supplying a diamond of the same dimensions, this I was more than willing to source, would deflect the focus away from the emerald to some degree. Angela understood where I was going with this and agreed to proceed with the diamond I had in stock which was a good match in colour and clarity to her 2 half moon diamonds.
She also was looking to have diamonds set into the shoulders and I suggested channel setting round brilliant cut stones into a broad-ish parallel shank. Angela agreed with my suggestion and after discussing price was happy to proceed.

The Result

A number of weeks later the ring was completed and ready for collection:

Angela was delighted with the creation and once home very kindly wrote me a Google review:

“Stunning craftsmanship. I recently had an emerald ring remodelled. Alan took the time to talk myself and husband through different designs. I have just picked up the most beautiful unique ring. I opted to add a diamond to the ring, the stone itself being stunning. I am truly delighted with the ring which is a unique design. Thank you Alan.”

A number of weeks later Angela emailed to let me know:

My beautiful emerald and diamond ring still receives daily compliments. So glad that I made the choice to redesign and that you were able to complete it.


This is yet another example of how we can take one (or several) of your existing jewellery collection and turn it into a stunning piece that is unique to you.

If you would like your jewellery remodelled, please get in touch. I have customers worldwide, from our home in Glasgow… to London, California, Australia, Switzerland, Botswana, Canada, Singapore and Holland to name a few.
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