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“Golden Pearl For A Golden Wedding”

“I am blown away by it.”

The Initial Contact

Peter’s initial contact was by way of a very detailed email wherein he intimated he and his wife were due to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary (Golden Wedding) later in the year and thought a bespoke gold necklace would be an appropriate gift for his wife.
He then went on to describe his wife; age, height, build and skin tone confirming that yellow gold suited her. He continued to list her interests and hobbies; likes Rennie Macintosh as a designer, gardening and both love ballroom and Latin American dancing. He then went on to list a few of his thoughts that could be possibilities.

The First Meeting

We made an appointment for an initial consultation to discuss further. During this first consultation we discussed the options of a Rennie Macintosh styled pendant and also a pendant with a dancing theme. At this time, we had a Golden pearl in stock and having shown Peter he thought that including this in the design would be ideal.
Being a product of Glasgow School of Art I know Charles Rennie Macintosh’s style very well but not being so knowledgeable about dancing I study poses and body positions within different dances.
I quickly produced a Macintosh styled design that I felt worked with Peter’s brief. Having studied different dances and body positions I felt that a pair of stylised figures in a waltz pose would work well if I could capture the movement and poise of the figures.

The Second Meeting

Showing Peter the designs at our second meeting, he was immediately drawn towards the dancing themed design.
While making the pendant I was keen to capture the movement, the fullness and flounce of the ballgown and the attitude and posture of the figures which I think I managed to capture.
A golden pearl 'Ballroom Dance' style figurine pendant mounted in 9ct yellow gold.

Golden pearl ‘Ballroom Dance’ style figurine pendant by Alan P Fulton.

The Result

“I am blown away by it.”
– Peter

Peter has since emailed to let me know his wife’s reaction:

“Janice loves the necklace – and all our friends do too. Some see it immediately, others take a little time to catch on.”

Janice and Peter started their Pearl Anniversary in style, with this beautiful reminder of their commitment to each other.

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