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F1 Car & Forging

An F1 Grand Prix racing car is, these days, virtually constructed solely from carbon fibre, but there is one very important component, other than the engine, that is created from forged metal.

A Formula 1 car’s wheels are made from metal alloys similar to many millions of cars on the roads, but with one very important difference. An F1 car’s wheels are forged while the wheels on our cars are cast.

The reason for forging a racing car’s wheels is because a forged wheel, as with any forged metal item, can be far lighter in weight, which is very important, but also far stronger, which is equally important.

I forge and construct all my rings from wrought metal.

As with F1 car wheels the metal once formed is far stronger and more durable. Having carried out my own tests on durability of forged wrought metal against cast metal I have found that some metals, such as platinum, can be between 3 and 4 times more durable.

Using wrought metals which I then forge allows me to design and create rings with greater style and finesse yet are stronger and more durable than if cast.

I am Alan Fulton – forging a business aiming at poll position!