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Troon Old Parish Church Cross



This is a cross I created, which still hangs in Troon Old Parish Church.

The cross is approximately 2 feet long (0.6m) and is constructed from an Oak wood background. Pinned to this are over 300 sterling silver Gothic lancet arch shaped ‘scales’ with a textured finish to reflect the light like fish scales. This was to symbolise Jesus telling his disciples he would make them ‘fishers of men’.

Suspended in front of this back-drop from two 18ct. yellow gold rings, on the left and right, is a sterling silver tubular cross created from a trefoil of tubes representing the Holy Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Ghost. There is a third gold ring and collectively they too were to symbolise the Holy Trinity, with the third also representing the crown of thorns.

The second image is the cross hanging on a red sandstone pillar in a prominent place in Troon Old Parish Church.