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Questioning Sales Assistants In Retail Outlets!

Over the years I have heard some really ridiculous excuses and or comments reported to me by prospective clients, given to them by sales staff in jewellery retail outlets about what was and was not possible to achieve. This past week I have heard another which is right up there with some of the most ridiculous!

A woman came in with a new diamond set engagement and wedding ring set, mounted in platinum which her husband had bought her in a well known retail jewellery chain. This was an upgrade from her original rings in celebration of their 10th wedding anniversary. The lady’s finger has a slightly pronounced knuckle and due to the weight of the head of the ring, once over the knuckle, it revolves. The lady had asked for the ring to be sized down ½ a size as a full size would be too much. She was told the workshop couldn’t size down ½ a size, they can only size down a full size. The store assistant then suggested the lady take the ring to an independent jeweller or go to Accessorise and get a plastic ring clip.

I have worked at the bench for over 40 years and have never heard such balderdash in all my life. Below is a photograph of  2 ring sizing sticks, the top one with all the wear the one I have used for these forty plus years and the bottom stick used to convert UK sizes to USA and European sizes. Both sticks show quite clearly ½ sizes, so it begs the question, why can the workshop not size down a ½ size?