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Artistic Licence

Did you know that the Ancient Greeks were the first to theorise about atoms yet it is only in recent years that we have been able to see individual atoms by way of ‘Titan’ the largest electron microscope in the world?

For all their great knowledge and insight the ancient Greeks did get one fundamental thing wrong when carving naked male figures or did they?

Art historians have been puzzled for decades as to how the ancient Greek sculptors got it so wrong. It is well known anatomically that a male’s right testicle is the larger but the left one hangs lower. The Greek sculptors always showed the right as larger and lower. If they had used mirrors they would still have got it wrong.

No, my theory is that they were using artistic licence because it looks correct, the larger being lower looks bottom heavy.

When designing jewellery I do something similar. I like things to visually look bottom heavy and have found that jewellery that is designed with this in mind looks and sits far better wherever it is worn on the body.

So if you are getting engaged, married or with a special birthday or anniversary and you would like to avoid a Greek tragedy when having that special piece designed and made, contact me!