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Buyer: Beware of the Fraudsters!

Following up on my ‘Buyer Beware’ case study highlighting the pitfalls of buying loose diamonds ‘blind’ over the internet or in foreign countries while either working or on holiday, I write this blog to warn those considering purchasing jewellery of any kind over the internet due to the fraudsters out there just waiting to rip you off!

A few months ago I had a young lady in our studio looking to have a wedding ring created to fit around her engagement ring which had been purchased by her fiancé over the internet as a ‘black and white diamond 2 stone cross- over ring set in white gold’. Her shock was palpable when I informed her that the ring mount was actually silver and the stones a cubic zirconia and very very dark, almost black, sapphire. Having paid substantially for it I informed her it’s true value was in the region of £40 to £50.

As the ring had been purchased a number of months prior and contact and address details of the company or source the ring was purchased from were limited to an email address it was not possible to claim back their money.

This is not the first time I have seen something like this and it does seem to be coming more prevalent!

Once over the shock her decision was to proceed to have me make a shaped silver ring to fit around the 2 stone cross-over as it was the original ring given by her fiancé.

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My advice would be not to buy jewellery online. After all, you cannot determine the quality that the jewellery is, or should be, as it’s a touchy feely thing. But if tempted you must investigate the company first!