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Copyright Of My Handmade Jewellery

Copyright Of My Handmade Jewellery

I am writing this to highlight how we as a company consider copyright of my handmade jewellery after recently receiving an email from a client who had neither read our terms and conditions nor understood how our work practices operate.

Within our terms and conditions, which can be seen on our website, clause 4.3 a, b, c, d and e, clearly states how we deal and consider copyright of designs and the handmade jewellery items I make.

In short, whether the design is uniquely mine, a collaboration, or solely the client’s, once the item is handmade, I reserve the right to hold the copyright. The only exception is if the client states, at the outset, that the item is to be an original in which case a premium will be added to the item. The value of the premium being based on the value of the item and the estimated future commercial value.

In brief, the client wrote they were ‘upset’ that their item was now showing in my portfolio as the original concept came from them. They conceded that we had worked together on the design and I had made a ‘few tweaks’.

In my reply I pointed out that at no time had they requested that this item was to be an original. I also pointed out that the finished design bore little or no resemblance to their original concept the shape of which would not have sat properly and their choice of square diamonds was also not practical within the design. The finished item was completely different to their original concept.

Again I wish to point out that if you wish to order an item that is to be an original and a one off then this has to be stated at the outset and whether the design is uniquely mine, a collaboration, or solely you the client’s, I will adhere to this principle.