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About Our Remodels

These commissions are undertaken with sensitivity to the owner’s personal attachment to the items which is often of great sentiment. Where it is possible to incorporate all, or part of the metals of the original item(s), we will shape the metal into a different form or configuration by a combination of forging, rolling in mills and fret-sawing, thus giving the client the original metals back in the new design, hence preserving the sentimentality. Melting down of the metals does not give this huge advantage!

Melting down of metals has a number of technical disadvantages such as problems with porosity and cracking especially when combining items of different alloys even with the same carat value, which can cause further issues of cracking in the future!

All relevant information and advice regarding what approach is best for each individual client will be thoroughly discussed at the consultation, allowing the client to make their preferred decision.

Our aim is that our clients receive an item of jeweller they treasure and from which they will have many years of happy memories.

A selection of previous creations is shown on this page as an example.

If you require any further information or wish to make an appointment please phone us on 01355 302960 or by email through the Contact page.

Some Examples