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‘Sky Diamonds’ – Don’t Be fooled!

I have just returned from holiday in Turkey where I discovered 2 stores in our resort selling a brand called Sky Diamonds.

The ‘Sky Diamond’ display

I was curious to know what the white stones set into silver mounts were and on questioning the owner of the first store he tried to convince me they were lab grown diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are becoming more available however, if something is or seems too cheap you have to ask questions. The prices being asked for the ‘Sky Diamond’ jewellery were too cheap to be lab grown diamonds but what actually were these white stones, cut and set to simulate diamonds?

At the second store I spied a plaque giving some information in broken English.

Sky Diamond plaque

The information on this doesn’t actually state that these stones are lab grown diamonds. It does however state that the stones are made in a laboratory. They are also selling these with a certificate which makes them look more important.

Sky Diamond certificate

As I had no jeweller’s 10x loop with me and neither store had a loop I could borrow to let me have a closer look I bought a single stone pendant and pair of smaller single stone ear studs which I have now tested since returning home.

These stones are just cubic zirconia which have been available in Britain for decades and sold as a cheap, good simulant to diamond.

The price being asked in Turkey for this jewellery is twice what the equivalent would be in Britain.

Please share this blog with family, friends and as many contacts as possible to alert them to the pitfalls.