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Holidaymakers Beware!

After a client purchased a bracelet in Turkey while on holiday.

Holidaymakers Beware!

On Wednesday last week I had a client in the studio asking if I could repair a diamond bracelet by Saturday. The bracelet was broken in 2 places. It transpired the bracelet had been bought for the client’s daughter by the daughter’s boyfriend for her 30th birthday which was on the Saturday. She had worn it once and it had broken when taking it off.

I inspected the bracelet and having found it to be of a poor manufacture advised that it be returned to where purchased.

The client then went on to explain it had been purchased in Turkey while on holiday. For security reasons the daughter had worn it on the return journey and it had broken when taking it off once home.

Reluctantly I refused to repair the bracelet explaining that there would be ongoing issues with it in the future and as they were returning later in the year they wait and take it back. If anyone attempted to repair in the interim ultimately they would have no come-back with the store where purchased.

Fortunately for this family they are returning and I trust they take the advice I have given.

But consider the scenario if they were not!

Having holidayed in Turkey numerous times over the past 15 years or so I have seen what is available and have had cause to disagree on a number of occasions with jewellery shop owners and sales staff giving me a sales pitch and trying to tell me incorrect information about diamonds in particular but also, on one occasion, about the precious metals before I divulge what I do and have now been doing for over 38 years.

The example detailed above is just the latest of a series of similar incidents I have witnessed, and on occasion got involved with to assist the clients over the years, with people returning from Turkey, Dubai and the Caribbean in particular.

For the lay person the jewellery market is a minefield.

When in ‘holiday mode’ I’m sure we all would admit to buying something that looked or thought useful at the time that ended up being a white elephant. Spending up to a hundred or so pounds is one thing but with many of the issues I have witnessed and been involved with these have been into the thousands.

It is not worth it!

When buying jewellery I always advise dealing with someone you trust. With modern technologies diamonds can now be manipulated in a number of ways and as I have already explained manufacturing qualities can differ significantly. Buying abroad and on the internet can be very risky, you may think you are getting a bargain but so often can end up with a pig in a poke.


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